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Warman Scared Scriptless Players

2018 Events
  1. Nov. 7th 2018
  2. March 15th-17th 2019
    Spring Performance
    Brian King Centre, Warman
  3. Oct. 17th 2018
    Annual General Meeting
    Warman Legends Centre Boardroom 3 7-10pm
    Everyone is welcome to attend.


General Audition Guidelines

- Auditions are open to everyone.
- No appointments are necessary, auditions are conducted on a first-
  come, first-served basis.
- If the audition date does not suit you please email
  [email protected] or call 1 (306) 912-9807 to make
  alternate arrangements for an audition.
- Casting can take up to three weeks. You will be notified if your
  presence is required at a call back audition.
- Auditioners will be asked to read from the play; it will be a "cold
- Please take note of performance dates and rehearsals. Bring any
  conflicts to note on your audition form.

Explore Your Inner Actor!

Have you ever thought, "I'd like to try that!" Well now's your chance! Our actors come from all walks of life and live all over the province.

WSSP is a community theatre. All our actors are amateur actors who have other occupations. You don't need any experience, just a willingness to try and to learn!

We rehearse for 9-10 weeks before the show begins, 2-3 days a week, Tuesdays, Thursday and Sundays. Not all actors are scheduled for all rehearsals. A reheasal schedule is worked out that takes us from the 1st rehearsal to the last performance.

The rehearsal schedule is worked out based on the schedules of the actors involved. We try to accommodate as much as we can, but once the rehearsal schedule is made, we ask that you try to work around that. Depending on the show, not all actors are scheduled for all rehearsals, but it is a big committment, but makes the winter just a little more fun!
Volunteer with us!
Come make a difference in our lives! Be a volunteer and you can watch the show for free as well as get a meal afterwards!​​

We always need volunteers in these areas: 
- the bar
- the kitchen  
- costume design
- makeup
- set construction
- props
- lights 
- sound.

Please contact us if any of these volunteer positions interest you!
Past Productions
2018 A Day at the Java Shop
2013 Moon Over Buffalo
By Roger Cosgrove
Directed by April Watson
By Ken Ludwig
Directed by Carol Affleck
2017 Bloody Murder
2012 Arsenic & Old Lace
By Ed Sala
Directed by April Watson
By Joseph Kesselring
Directed by Russ Ramsden
2016 Shrunken Heads
2011 Opening Night
By M. Z. Ribalow
Directed by Gwenda MacPherson
By Norm Foster
Directed by Carol Affleck
2015 Baba and Gido's 50th Wedding Anniversary
2010 Tear Along the Dotted Line
By Liz Reynolds
Directed by Jamie MacRae
By Jules Taska
Directed by Will Peters
2014 You Can't Take it With You
2009 The Odd Couple (Female Version)
By Moss Hart & George S. Kaufman
Directed by Carol Affleck
By Neil Simon
Directed by Carol Affleck