Past Productions

2018 Production:
A Day at the Java Shop - by Roger Cosgrove / Directed by April Watson

2017 Production:
Bloody Murder - by Ed Sala / Directed by April Watson

2016 Production:
​Shrunken Heads - by M. Z. Ribalow  / Directed by Gwenda MacPherson 

2015 Production:
 ​Baba and Gido's 50th Wedding Anniversary - by Liz Reynolds  / Directed by Jamie MacRae

2014 Production:
 ​You Can't Take it With You - by Moss Hart & George S. Kaufman / Directed by Carol Affleck

2013 Production:
 ​Moon Over Buffalo - by Ken Ludwig / Directed by Carol Affleck

2012 Production:
 Arsenic & Old Lace - by Joseph Kesselring / Directed by Russ Ramsden

2011 Production:
 ​Opening Night - by Norm Foster / Directed by Carol Affleck

2010 Production:
 Tear Along the Dotted Line - by Jules Taska / Directed by Will Peters

2009 Production:
 The Odd Couple (Female Version) - by Neil Simon / Directed by Carol Affleck



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